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Sonica - Help Sonic go through Dark Dungeons.
Odigrana: 2045 Ocjena: Nije ocjeneta

Soul Master
Soul Master - Guide Death through the dark Hell, capture the souls and deliver them to the tombstone to let them e
Odigrana: 619 Ocjena: Nije ocjeneta

Soul Mech
Soul Mech - Walk the streets and fight off the bad'ies with your sword
Odigrana: 731 Ocjena: Nije ocjeneta

Space - Try to keep alive by beating the other ship for fuel.
Odigrana: 664 Ocjena: Nije ocjeneta

Space Ace
Space Ace - Maneuver a ship through different regions in space and collect the rings in this challenging game.
Odigrana: 550 Ocjena: Nije ocjeneta

Space Boy
Space Boy - Some ugly and slimey aliens have attacked earth. Only one brave kid with a water pistol can stop the
Odigrana: 545 Ocjena: Nije ocjeneta

Space Cowboy Game
Space Cowboy Game - You're Space Cowboy in this excellent side-scrolling adventure game. Help Space Cowboy get back to h
Odigrana: 739 Ocjena: Nije ocjeneta

Space Escape
Space Escape - Guide your space ship cross the obstacle filled courses.
Odigrana: 604 Ocjena: Nije ocjeneta

Space Explorer
Space Explorer - Land your ship on one of the platforms and go to the next level!
Odigrana: 599 Ocjena: Nije ocjeneta

Space Gunner
Space Gunner - Fire missiles and bullets from your turret at the planes jets space craft coming towards you.
Odigrana: 556 Ocjena: Nije ocjeneta

Space Marine
Space Marine - A space themed arena shooter where your goal is to defend against endless aliens attacking you. Survive as lon...
Odigrana: 756 Ocjena: Nije ocjeneta

Space Runner
Space Runner - This is a fantastic game, with a similar concept to the classic Helicopter game. See how far you can
Odigrana: 615 Ocjena: Nije ocjeneta

Space Runner Color
Space Runner Color - Go around through space, avioding obstacles.
Odigrana: 652 Ocjena: Nije ocjeneta

Space Xuttle
Space Xuttle - Fly your space ship over a distant planet and collect fuel cells to stay afloat without crashing.
Odigrana: 648 Ocjena: Nije ocjeneta

SpaceAce - Shoot down the alien ships and defend the earth in this nice remake of the classic vertical shooter.
Odigrana: 619 Ocjena: Nije ocjeneta

Spaceman Bob
Spaceman Bob - Help Bob, the spaceman captured by the aliens, to escape out of the alien base.
Odigrana: 692 Ocjena: Nije ocjeneta

Spamihilator Anti Spam
Spamihilator Anti Spam - Click the close button on the spam windows before they fill your screen.
Odigrana: 693 Ocjena: Nije ocjeneta

Sparks Recharged
Sparks Recharged - Advanced and challenging version of the Sparks game with two interesting modes of play.
Odigrana: 1032 Ocjena: Nije ocjeneta

Spider Attack
Spider Attack - Run around and eat the flies but avoid those laser turrets from hitting you.
Odigrana: 556 Ocjena: Nije ocjeneta

Spiders - save the beautiful butterfly from the spider's web
Odigrana: 611 Ocjena: Nije ocjeneta

Splat em
Splat em - Splat food all over the people you really hate.
Odigrana: 658 Ocjena: Nije ocjeneta

Splatman - A nice little version of Pacman. Eat all the dots and fruits to proceed further avoiding the scary g
Odigrana: 814 Ocjena: Nije ocjeneta

Splinter Cell - The Search for Sam Fisher
Odigrana: 1716 Ocjena: Nije ocjeneta

Sponge And Leroy
Sponge And Leroy - Customize the Hero, Leroy using over 60 hats and suits! Help him rescue Sponge from the enemy territ
Odigrana: 578 Ocjena: Nije ocjeneta

SpongeBob SquarePants
SpongeBob SquarePants - Enter Sponge Bob's aquatic world and venture through doing odd jobs and strange missions.
Odigrana: 798 Ocjena: Nije ocjeneta

Spring String
Spring String - Help Mr Strings jump from balloon to balloon using his springy legs and collect the cheese-strings.
Odigrana: 607 Ocjena: Nije ocjeneta

Spug Shock
Spug Shock - Use your wizard from super mario and fire at the blocks coming your way.
Odigrana: 2088 Ocjena: Nije ocjeneta

Squares and Blades 2
Squares and Blades 2 - It is a great mix of strategy and RPG with great music, graphics, and plenty of replayability.
Odigrana: 909 Ocjena: Nije ocjeneta

Squeaky - Collect the oil and then quickly get in the UFO.
Odigrana: 602 Ocjena: Nije ocjeneta

Squigly Fish Racer
Squigly Fish Racer - Race your fish against the CPU or a friend.
Odigrana: 792 Ocjena: Nije ocjeneta

Squirt Man
Squirt Man - A nuclear war has devastated your once beautiful planet. The world has gone to hell, as have all life-forms. E...
Odigrana: 1426 Ocjena: Nije ocjeneta

Squish - You've opened the windows of your apartment to cool it down, but now there are bugs everywhere.
Odigrana: 534 Ocjena: Nije ocjeneta

St Mulligans 3-Putt
St Mulligans 3-Putt - Play golf against your friend or the computer on various fields with many obstacles.
Odigrana: 549 Ocjena: Nije ocjeneta

Star Cruiser
Star Cruiser - Fly your space ship around the caverns shoot down walls and enemies.
Odigrana: 573 Ocjena: Nije ocjeneta

Star Fighter Duel
Star Fighter Duel - Play against computer or play, upgrade weapons, speed and battle using lasers with your ship .
Odigrana: 612 Ocjena: Nije ocjeneta

Star Runner
Star Runner - Help the blob collect stars.
Odigrana: 607 Ocjena: Nije ocjeneta

Starcraft FA 3
Starcraft FA 3 - This is an awesome game to play, you protect you base while re-filling and keeping your base alive.
Odigrana: 906 Ocjena: Nije ocjeneta

StarFly 2 CosmicGladiator
StarFly 2 CosmicGladiator - Fly in your space ship in the galaxy shoot at other ships with lasers.
Odigrana: 543 Ocjena: Nije ocjeneta

Starfrosch - Guide the frog through a fantasy world collecting stars and avoiding venomous flowers.
Odigrana: 538 Ocjena: Nije ocjeneta

Stargates - Is a starship game were your mission will be to defeat all of the alien starships of all the galaxies. A hard ...
Odigrana: 594 Ocjena: Nije ocjeneta

Starship 11
Starship 11 - Cool space ship drive game.
Odigrana: 574 Ocjena: Nije ocjeneta

Starship Eleven
Starship Eleven - Starship Eleven is lost in space and the way home is full on dangers and hazards. Your mission is to
Odigrana: 868 Ocjena: Nije ocjeneta

Starship Seven
Starship Seven - Fly around your UFO in this cave like cavern shoot missiles and destroy enemies.
Odigrana: 576 Ocjena: Nije ocjeneta

Startwars - Fight again the infamous Ultraman in this cute fighting game
Odigrana: 491 Ocjena: Nije ocjeneta

Static Shock
Static Shock - Help Static Shock to fly through the city and destroy the swarm of Microbots.
Odigrana: 642 Ocjena: Nije ocjeneta

Stay Alive
Stay Alive - Survive the endless zombie rampage. Upgrade your character, weapons, etc. Those of you who just want pure, str...
Odigrana: 969 Ocjena: Nije ocjeneta

Stealth Hacker
Stealth Hacker - A little adventure game where you have to avoid the Police Officer while hacking into the computers.
Odigrana: 636 Ocjena: Nije ocjeneta

Steampunk Tower
Steampunk Tower - One Tower Defense Game with unique mechanics! Build and upgrade your cannons on the one big growing tower! Reb...
Odigrana: 771 Ocjena: Nije ocjeneta

Steel Force
Steel Force - Steel force is an amazing retro shoot'em up. Your goal is to find in each level the exit in an alien-infested ...
Odigrana: 832 Ocjena: Nije ocjeneta

Stick Bang
Stick Bang - The stick giants have long hated their kin. They are altogether an unpleasant lot who constantly war on one an...
Odigrana: 1411 Ocjena: Nije ocjeneta

Stick RPG
Stick RPG - You are suddenly sucked into a two dimensional world as a stickman get a job work your way up educat
Odigrana: 545 Ocjena: Nije ocjeneta

Stickman Sam 2
Stickman Sam 2 - Now that his training is complete Sam goes on his first real mission: Into the Darkness!
Odigrana: 665 Ocjena: Nije ocjeneta

Stickman Sam 3
Stickman Sam 3 - Part 3 includes a new mission, new weapons, and new abilities such as roll, duck, climb, and hang.
Odigrana: 709 Ocjena: Nije ocjeneta

Stik Combat
Stik Combat - STRESS RELIEVER - Hit as many stick figures as you want with a baseball bat, locked inside a room.
Odigrana: 768 Ocjena: Nije ocjeneta

Stone Age TD
Stone Age TD - The dinosaurs are attacking the prehistoric men and women that have just built their villages and you have to ...
Odigrana: 677 Ocjena: Nije ocjeneta

Street Cred
Street Cred - Drive big muscle cars through the closed off city tracks and reach the finish line before the clock
Odigrana: 780 Ocjena: Nije ocjeneta

Street Fighter 2
Street Fighter 2 - Take a trip back in time and play this awesome retro arcade game online!
Odigrana: 731 Ocjena: Nije ocjeneta

Street Fighter Flash
Street Fighter Flash - Sequel to Street Fighter Flash game
Odigrana: 926 Ocjena: Nije ocjeneta

Street Fighter II
Street Fighter II - Another Street Fighter clone in Flash
Odigrana: 546 Ocjena: Nije ocjeneta

Street Fighter The New Leader
Street Fighter The New Leader - Fighting game with UK Politicians as game characters
Odigrana: 620 Ocjena: Nije ocjeneta

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