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12 Holes of X-Mas
12 Holes of X-Mas - Pick your putter and go out to putt a hole in one.Move the ball to where you want it then click,move your mous...
Odigrana: 647 Ocjena: Nije ocjeneta

12 Many
12 Many - The screen flashes quickly and it ask you how many stars you seen. Can get quite challenging.
Odigrana: 715 Ocjena: Nije ocjeneta

2D Army Swat
2D Army Swat - Shoot the drunk terrorists, but watch out for them shooting back.
Odigrana: 572 Ocjena: Nije ocjeneta

2D Knock Out
2D Knock Out - Control the mouse to punch your enemy.
Odigrana: 681 Ocjena: Nije ocjeneta

3 Foot Ninja
3 Foot Ninja - Cool online fighting game, great fun is to be had by allFighting Swing Sword: A Throw Stars: S Jab Sword: D Mo...
Odigrana: 718 Ocjena: Nije ocjeneta

3 Foot Ninja II
3 Foot Ninja II - Take an amazing journey in a far away place. Fight the evil enemies and return the Princess to the K
Odigrana: 582 Ocjena: Nije ocjeneta

3D MAZE - An Advance Addicting 3D Puzzle Game
Odigrana: 763 Ocjena: Nije ocjeneta

3D Space Skimmer
3D Space Skimmer - Fly around through space but avoid the asteroids and alien ships that shoot at youmThe point of this game is t...
Odigrana: 504 Ocjena: Nije ocjeneta

3D Worm
3D Worm - A 3D version similar to snake.
Odigrana: 888 Ocjena: Nije ocjeneta

4 Way Shoot
4 Way Shoot - An innovative defence shooter game where you can easily control 4 players at once. Game controls: Aim and shoo...
Odigrana: 1232 Ocjena: Nije ocjeneta

60 seconds
60 seconds - Steal 10 cars and collect $200,000 in 10 minutes (60sec/car)
Odigrana: 852 Ocjena: Nije ocjeneta

A Navle Battle
A Navle Battle - Watch the wind, and fire your boats cannon to hit the enemyEach team takes turns firing at the other with cano...
Odigrana: 590 Ocjena: Nije ocjeneta

A Wizard Tale
A Wizard Tale - Guide the wizard through to the castle, help him find books and the princess.
Odigrana: 737 Ocjena: Nije ocjeneta

Action Driving Game
Action Driving Game - Guide the tricked-out BMW to the Eiffel Tower completing Frank's latest job as 'The Transporter.
Odigrana: 755 Ocjena: Nije ocjeneta

Action Fishing
Action Fishing - Catch as many fish as you can within the allocated time limits.
Odigrana: 723 Ocjena: Nije ocjeneta

Adventure Elf
Adventure Elf - Run about the buildings picking up presents and avoid penguins.
Odigrana: 938 Ocjena: Nije ocjeneta

Adventures Of A Space Cowboy
Adventures Of A Space Cowboy - Take on the role of Space Cowboy as you navigate a distant planet, shooting all the aliens and other
Odigrana: 564 Ocjena: Nije ocjeneta

Adventures of Blob Bob
Adventures of Blob Bob - Help Bob the Blob get fruits, jump onto platform and avoid spikes, worms, dinos and other dangers.
Odigrana: 620 Ocjena: Nije ocjeneta

Adventures of Guy RPG
Adventures of Guy RPG - One day, you wake up, go outside and are attacked when a wizards asks you to go on a quest.
Odigrana: 634 Ocjena: Nije ocjeneta

Adventures of Jack
Adventures of Jack - You are a young kid exploring these drug filled streets talk to pimps druggies and others avoid cops
Odigrana: 575 Ocjena: Nije ocjeneta

Aevarrons Coliseum
Aevarrons Coliseum - Get into the ruthless battle arena and try to defeat all your opponents using various combo attacks.
Odigrana: 557 Ocjena: Nije ocjeneta

Age of Defense
Age of Defense - Action defense game, play 40 levels in 8 ages, battle against 32 characters, use 37 weapons, spells, effects, ...
Odigrana: 1671 Ocjena: Nije ocjeneta

Age of Defense 3
Age of Defense 3 - Battle through 32 units, unlock 32 unique skills, use tree-based upgrade system and beat over 100 levels! Inst...
Odigrana: 2956 Ocjena: Nije ocjeneta

Age of Defense 4
Age of Defense 4 - Age of Defense 4 is a mix between defense and strategy warfare game, unleash unit, destroy enemy defense and d...
Odigrana: 1573 Ocjena: Nije ocjeneta

Agent Combat
Agent Combat - The enemies are trying to enter your country.. They are planing something big. So the American army sent his o...
Odigrana: 2785 Ocjena: Nije ocjeneta

Agent Footy
Agent Footy - In this game you need to collect as much money as possible and put it into a safe.
Odigrana: 611 Ocjena: Nije ocjeneta

Agro Vacations
Agro Vacations - A neat adventure game where you have to jump up the platforms, take out the spiky hedgehogs and snai
Odigrana: 686 Ocjena: Nije ocjeneta

AIB - Jump or duck to escape from the fruits
Odigrana: 868 Ocjena: Nije ocjeneta

Air Adventure
Air Adventure - Help Stuart fly through Central Park and return to the Little's house. Avoid birds and cats, but col
Odigrana: 537 Ocjena: Nije ocjeneta

Air Defense 1
Air Defense 1 - Take control of the anti aircraft guns and shoot down the invading enemy planes to defend your base.
Odigrana: 711 Ocjena: Nije ocjeneta

Air Defense 2
Air Defense 2 - Protect your communication tower against the enemy air strike. Buy or upgrade weapons and try to sta
Odigrana: 553 Ocjena: Nije ocjeneta

Airborne Wars
Airborne Wars - War means a tough time during which you have to survive. In order to do that conquer the enemys bases by sendi...
Odigrana: 2662 Ocjena: Nije ocjeneta

Airwar - Destroy the enemy make some booom ,blast & noise , and challange your friends who can destroy the most and mak...
Odigrana: 943 Ocjena: Nije ocjeneta

Aitchu 3
Aitchu 3 - You are Aitchu The Ninja. You have to save Sawsi San from the kidnappers in their aquatic domain.
Odigrana: 806 Ocjena: Nije ocjeneta

Alchemist Flame Out
Alchemist Flame Out - Help Colonel Roy, the flame alchemist, to destroy the attacking hordes of chimeras using his flame.
Odigrana: 574 Ocjena: Nije ocjeneta

Alchemy - Your task is to place the magical runes on the board to turn it to gold. Great puzzle game
Odigrana: 608 Ocjena: Nije ocjeneta

Alexander - Dawn of an Empire
Alexander - Dawn of an Empire - It is the dawn of Alexander the greats empire! Build an army, conquer the ancient world, and prepare to face t...
Odigrana: 3988 Ocjena: Nije ocjeneta

Alexander the Great
Alexander the Great - Conquer the ancient world in this real time strategy warfare game.
Odigrana: 1344 Ocjena: Nije ocjeneta

Alias - A.L.I.A.S, where scientist were attempting to make the ultimate war machine...that thinks like a man
Odigrana: 946 Ocjena: Nije ocjeneta

Alias 2
Alias 2 - Artificial Lifeform Intended for Assassination and Sabotage, The Story Continues
Odigrana: 799 Ocjena: Nije ocjeneta

Alias 3
Alias 3 - A.L.I.A.S has finally identified his human nature! He has decided to take revenge against the evil h
Odigrana: 897 Ocjena: Nije ocjeneta

Alien Abductor
Alien Abductor - Humans: the trading cattle of the galaxy. You are a bounty hunter in search of humans to sell on the inter-gal...
Odigrana: 723 Ocjena: Nije ocjeneta

Alien Attack
Alien Attack - Attack the aliens before they kill you!
Odigrana: 511 Ocjena: Nije ocjeneta

Alien Attack Online
Alien Attack Online - Eliminate the alien ships, and avoid friendly fire!
Odigrana: 736 Ocjena: Nije ocjeneta

Alien Bounce
Alien Bounce - It's your job in this catapult game to bounce the Alien as far as you can down the planet, making su
Odigrana: 507 Ocjena: Nije ocjeneta

Alien Cave
Alien Cave - How long can you guide your ship for?
Odigrana: 563 Ocjena: Nije ocjeneta

Alien Clones
Alien Clones - Move your robotic leg machine around and shoot down the strange legged aliens moving towards you.
Odigrana: 493 Ocjena: Nije ocjeneta

Alien Guard 3
Alien Guard 3 - Enjoy the NEW Alien Guard 3 Walk around back and forth collecting as many cash bags as you can in addition to ...
Odigrana: 1178 Ocjena: Nije ocjeneta

Alien Hominid
Alien Hominid - Run away from the FBI
Odigrana: 546 Ocjena: Nije ocjeneta

Alien Terminator
Alien Terminator - Missions will be fail once you run out of smilies so beware to use them.
Odigrana: 607 Ocjena: Nije ocjeneta

All Hallows Eve
All Hallows Eve - Shoot down the zombies overrunning your house before they get to you and eat your brains.
Odigrana: 623 Ocjena: Nije ocjeneta

Alpha Bravo Charlie
Alpha Bravo Charlie - Destroy all practice targets and pickup soldier marked with flare.
Odigrana: 577 Ocjena: Nije ocjeneta

Alpine Escape
Alpine Escape - Shoot down enemy planes while riding your motorcycle, and avoid getting bombed into submission!
Odigrana: 1021 Ocjena: Nije ocjeneta

Altex - Be fast and shoot them all!
Odigrana: 777 Ocjena: Nije ocjeneta

Ambition - Walk around talk to people and find out what's going on in the neighbourhood.
Odigrana: 523 Ocjena: Nije ocjeneta

America Strikes Back
America Strikes Back - Think you can do better in the war? Well heres your chance.Use your mouse and click to fire your guns! Watch y...
Odigrana: 594 Ocjena: Nije ocjeneta

American Soldier
American Soldier - American Soldier is a shooting 3D game where you will run in to a village infested with waves of enemies that ...
Odigrana: 1586 Ocjena: Nije ocjeneta

Amzula - Fill as many slots of the same color as you can and protect them by killing the scorpions that attempt to burs...
Odigrana: 815 Ocjena: Nije ocjeneta

An Average Day at School
An Average Day at School - On your adventure through school, you must select the different choices that come up and not get kil
Odigrana: 529 Ocjena: Nije ocjeneta

Angel Fighters
Angel Fighters - A tekken theme to this game, with some angel fighters!
Odigrana: 556 Ocjena: Nije ocjeneta

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